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Geosynthetic is a pervasive caption used to describe thin and flexible plates that are used within the soil mass (or in relation to soil material) for various purposes such as reinforcement, separation,  insulation, erosion control, filtration, drainage and etc.  

The function of geosynthetics:

Geosynthetic performance is generally divided into two parts: mechanical and hydraulic performance.

Mechanical Performance:

The mechanical performance of geosynthetics basically increases the mechanical parameters of the soil. Functions such as segregation, reinforcement, protection and erosion control are among the mechanical functions of geosynthetics.

Hydraulic Performance:

The hydraulic performance of geosynthetics includes functions such as filtration, drainage, and insulation that are used for hydraulic purposes and flow control.

Geosynthetic applications: 

The most important applications of geosynthetics are segregation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, leakage prevention and erosion control. In some cases, one product can be applied for more than one function.

Types of Geosynthetics:

Geosynthetics are divided into six main groups of geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids, geophomes, geotextiles, geocomposites and geosynthetics clay liners. Each of these groups has their own characteristics and is used in different projects with regard to these characteristics. Of course, there are other groups, such as geopipes and geocells which have very limited applications.


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